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Fees and Retainer

We generally ask for a retainer to be provided when a file is opened. The retainer is based upon an estimate of the fees required for the tasks to be completed. We usually will ask for a retainer sufficient to cover the costs anticipated for a particular Court process or for the work anticipated for the coming month.

Any unused retainer funds shall be returned to you upon completion of the matter. We usually require an initial retainer of $2000.00.

We will keep a record of the time spent on your file and will apply an hourly rate of $195.00 – $250.00 for the services of Odette Rwigamba. The hourly rates are intended to be a “control” based on our overheads and costs of carrying on practice. Please note that the time engaged in telephone conversations and correspondence will be docketed and charged. To keep you advised of developments, you will receive copies of pertinent correspondence and documentation, both sent and received.

HST is payable when an account is rendered. Consequently, it is imperative that appropriate retainers be provided as necessary.

It is our practice to bill the account on a monthly basis and provide you with a full report of all charges, fees and work done on your file at that time. We encourage you to feel free to discuses with us any issues that arise from your review of the account.

All accounts are due when rendered. It is with regret that we must inform you that it is only in the rarest of circumstances that we can continue to provide services on a file in the event that an account is in arrears for a period greater than 30 days.

Court fees

Divorce (issuing application) $167.00

Divorce order $280.00

Divorce certificate $19.00

General Application (including property but no divorce) $157.00

Answer (to Application for Divorce or Property) $125.00

Statement of Claim $181.00

Statement of Defense $121.00

Filing fee for Notice of Appeal $259.00

Other Flat rate legal fees:

Uncontested Divorce:

The cost for an uncontested divorce is a flat rate of $1,500.00, which includes our total fees and disbursements.

Discounted Fee: You may qualify for a discounted fee upon application, if your income is less than $20,000.00 per annum and you have no assets.



Our firm hopes that you will find this website engaging and informative. The contents of this website are not to be considered or relied upon as legal advice for your specific case. In order to become a client of our firm, we require that a retainer agreement be signed.

Le contenu de ce site ne doit pas être considéré comme des conseils juridiques. Pour devenir client de notre cabinet d’avocat, il faudra signer un accord de retenue.